What's The Cozy Keep?

noun:keep  the strongest or central tower of a castle, acting as a final refuge

Hey! ¡Hola!

For the last few months, I've found a new joy in running my instagram account @thecozykeep and, in all honesty, I totally just took a stab in the dark at sharing one of my favorite pastimes- making my home cozy, welcoming, and personalized. Since high school (possibly even before), I have found myself submitting to various urges to craft, repurpose, design, and decorate. I even remember one birthday in particular - maybe 8th or 9th grade? - when I requested room decor to compliment my green and blue bedroom space. Shoot, I didn't want hair products or makeup or clothes or whatever it is that teenage girls want. I wanted my room to be.on.point.  

In college, my favorite diy project involved grabbing abandoned fence posts, painting them and stationing them behind my bed as a headboard. I even strung lights on it and turned out the overhead light in the room. Booooooy, now that was cozy. And free! Even better! Looking back, it was a poor execution. If I moved the bed around too much to change sheets or clean, the fence posts would fall to the side. The lights sometimes hit me in the head. Oh yeah, splinters too. Ha! But it was a thrill to take something abandoned and turn it into a space I could rest in. And in these moments came this idea that maybe I could piece together something with a little more ease and creativity than I realized. 

Here I am today, still tweaking and scavenging and finding thrills in bargain buys. You say trash? Heck, that's my challenge. Together with my husband, we have 8 years combined of rental experience. I've attempted too may tries at decorating an "off-limits" space with temporary genius and personalization, and I am itching for our own space to completely and utterly destroy and design one day, whenever the time is ripe and full. 

Interestingly enough, I don't love overdoing it. I don't want 20 things packed in a corner shelf. I don't like small pieces of decor that scream clutter to me. I've thrown out innumerable amounts of trash bags this past year of decor that wasn't serving a purpose for us anymore. In a nutshell, I love making home the best space to land, but I've also channeled a partial minimalist agenda in the process. I like decor. I like a home that speaks. But, at least in this season, I am very much for a small, high quality/high connection statement of decor and not so much for a lot of cute stuff that doesn't have a voice.

I anticipate sharing more of this semi-minimalist heart in posts to come, and I am eager to share more about life, about home, about my beagle, about my full time job as a Spanish teacher, and a lot more. You are welcome to join, and I am wishing to connect with you! 

Before I go, I want to reference the definition I shared above. I see the home as the final refuge from the day, the strongest part of your defenses, where you can retreat in rest and yet still find strength, where you lean on family, where your mind is renewed, where you form strong and thorough memories that guide your personal trajectory in life. And if this is what home is, I'm running fast and hard to it in order to rest and renew, not in a prim and proper posture, but in one that's cozy and enveloping in the warmest ways. I'm so glad you're here, and I hope with all earnest desire that you always feel that warmth here at TCK.