3 Things Thursday!

I'm crediting Jamie Ivey from The Happy Hour Podcast for the idea behind this 3ThingsThursday post. Every episode Jamie asks the guest to talk about 3 things they're reading and 3 things they're loving. As I first began listening to the podcast, the question seemed so bizarre to me. Why would I care so much about what other people are loving or reading? But the more I tuned in, I gained interest in different books, different products, and even ideas, simply because the word-of-mouth recommendations connected more with me than an ad or a sales pitch. I'm now a much more avid reader, and I've had a blast finding out about small and mighty things that people are loving, doing and experiencing around the world. Those questions have been such a gift to me, and I want to give a gift to you!

Today, I want to share 3 things I am currently reading and 3 things I am currently loving, along with a few other categories.

3 things I'm currently reading:

- Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley (recommended for people who have creative ambitions or want to tap into creativity in whatever they're work is)

- Harry Potter stuff - Specifically, I just finished reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (because I loved the movie), but I've also read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play (not my favorite but okay) and I'm in and out of reading material from Pottermore, the online home for Potter fans

- The books of 2 Samuel and 1 Kings in the Bible - In the Samuels, you learn about the story of King David. Although I've grown up hearing the story of David and Goliath a myriad of times, as well as watched it all play out on Sunday School felt boards, reading the story on my own and digesting it in full was another epic, motivating adventure. 

I've come to believe that a healthy reading diet is essential to sustaining a healthy mentality. So many of my favorite speakers and leaders are giant consumers of reading material, and there is great evidence in their lives of the fruit of reading. 

3 things I'm currently listening to:

- How I Built This podcast by NPR - I enjoy this podcast simply because I am eager to learn about entrepreneurial adventures and the convictions behind people's designs and products. This is also a great listen for anyone who simply wants to know the origins of some of their favorites, such as Instagram, Mark Cuban's story, Patagonia, etc. 

- The Sing Team on Spotify - they have the catchiest Jesus-praising music, and much of the lyrics are straight representations of Scripture

- female-driven, leadership podcasts - examples include The Goaldigger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher and The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey


3 things I'm currently learning:

- the blogging process (We all gotta start somewhere, right?)

- innovative design processes, both in my classroom and in my own creative pursuits

- literacy skills in the 21st century (I'm taking a free master's course through the Funding Your Future Initiative at TAMUC and I'm interested to see how reading and consumption of material plays out in a world that is digital, fast-paced and ever-changing!

3 things I'm currently loving:

- Spotify premium - I didn't want to go all in at first, but now that we've switched to Premium, my listening experience has been absolutely legit. No ads. No limits on skips. Just pure bliss.

- my 2017 Synthesis book - Once again, legit. You can read about it here.

- Instagram - Specifically, I am a big fan of following and learning from other people who are doing incredible things and creative things and are championing others to reach that potential in themselves. I love the blending of social media as a learning platform and springboard for opportunities and ideas. 


To finish it off, I've also really loved this first 3 Things Thursday post! What are some of your 3 things? I'd love to learn more!

- Alli