7 Free/Inexpensive Decor Changes (that you can make today!)

For all you budget-lovers out there, this one's for you! Let's dive right in! Here are 7 free or inexpensive decor changes that are easy, personalized, and simple enough to create today and keep using for future changes. Need a January pick me up in your space? Try these out!

1. Clipboard Art

There are variety of ways to present new clipboard art, so pick the way that's best for you. Here are some examples:

- Print off favorite images or quotes from Pinterest and clip them to wooden clipboards. Swap them out when you want a new image or quote.

- Give each member of your family a clipboard and have them personalize it with paint, markers, stickers, etc. Hang the clipboards in a common space to collect mail, documents, to-do lists, etc.

- Paint the clipboards with chalkboard paint and use them for notes or lists.

- Modpodge the clipboards with scrapbook paper or other decorative papers. Plan out your patterns and hang the clipboards in an eye-appealing and eye-catching way.

2. Art swap in frames

Switch out the art in your frames to add seasonal decor or more personal touches. Examples include:

- favorite fabric pieces in frames

- print outs (similar to clipboard art)

- favorite notes or letters from loved ones


3. Redistribute/Repurpose Items

This could involve anything from moving or swapping out furniture, to replacing a vase with some books, to swapping pillows and more. You never know if a certain piece will find an upgrade in another location unless you try it out!


4. Washi Tape / Sticker Decals

Use decorative tapes, such as washi tape or fabric tape, as well as sticker letters, sticker decals and other stickers to place in patterns on flat surfaces and walls. Add small touches to areas that need a little more personalization, such as an office space, blank wall space, or even doors. With a little more money, you can purchase decorative contact papers to cover undesirable wall surfaces. Patterns include everything from faux brick and wood to wallpaper patters and tile backsplashes.


5. Stranded Wood Decor

Have an ugly fence post lying around? Random wood scraps from your latest project? Paint part or all of the wood with words or patters, or tack a few nails in it and make it a display for other pieces, such as cards/notes, jewelry holder, etc.

6. Dowel Rod Jewelry Holder

Purchase a dowel rod from your local Walmart or craft store, and use string or twine to hang up the rod on the wall. Drape necklaces and bracelets spread out over the dowel rod, or use S hooks to hold the jewelry on the rod. Hang the display in an area where you are likely to reach for your jewelry and where you will also be likely to appreciate the decorative touch. (P.S. You can replace the dowel rod with a tree branch, whether spray painted or left alone, and display your jewelry this way as well!)


7. Flowers

Don't wait till Valentine's Day to give life and spirit to your place. Go to your local grocery store and buy yourself a set of flowers. Think of the space in which you'll display the flowers and pick out a set that will compliment the environment and will bring a smile to your face!

I hope these tips gift you with some fresh ideas that are not only conquerable but refreshing! They have been instrumental in our rental experience and I hope they help make your space a little brighter!