3 Things Thursday

Do you ever get that gift at Christmas (or possibly and unfortunately at your birthday) where you hold it, look at it, and then ask yourself "What do I do with this?" Ya know, like, a cheap and tacky picture frame, or a t-shirt that someone possibly handmade and blinged out, or something like that? Is it just me that thinks those things are weird?

Well, folks, today is not that day! Today is the opposite of that day. Today is the day I share with you items that have surprisingly been AMAZING for me, along with apps that have brought me joy, books that I hope will bring me joy, and habits that I hope will bring a smile as well. Here ya go! It's #3thingsthursday! Woohoo!


1. Vaseline lip balm - Specifically, this kind. I received this as a stocking stuffer this past Christmas and am now a believer. Yes. Victory.

2. Crafting catch-all box - Here lately, this has looked like a metal washing bin. Basically, when I don't have the energy to organize but I don't want my junk cluttering up my mind and space, I throw it all in the bin. I check it later to keep up with projects.

3. My camera for projects - First, I enjoy learning more about photography by trial and error. I'm figuring out how to use angles and lighting to take better photos with inanimate objects that won't get angry at me. Second, if I want to share my works-in-progress, I understand that visual tutorials are both helpful and appealing.


1. Calm - Oooooookay, I'm not much of the meditative, pensive person. But.let.me.tell.you. When I turn on the rain drops mixed with the thunderstorm affects, all of a sudden I've released the tension in my shoulders and accomplished so much work I feel like I turned into WonderWoman. This app is my new friend, and I expect it to be a forever friend. Well, forever in technology terms.

2. Wunderlist - I'm a checklist person out of survival skills. If I don't make checklists, my genius ideas and my laundry soon become forgotten memories that fade into a shriveled up cricket. I don't know if that's a thing. But I made it one. And I checked it off my Wunderlist.

3. Over - I use Over to add text to my photo announcements. If you checked out the Tuesday Tutorial photo or today's photo on Instagram, you saw my Over creations. It's easy and relevant to design.


1. In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney (inspiring entrepreneurial women and women in leadership who give their 2 cents about the paths they've trekked)





                                                                         2. Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard (the founder of Patagonia dives into his style of leadership and allowing people to be creative and passionate in their work)





3. The One World Schoolhouse by Salman Khan (the founder of The Khan Academy dives into some deep conversations about the way school and education can be done in our current world)







1. Cooking at Home - Both for health and for skills. I want to know what other utensils exist besides a spatula.

2. Solidifying a Sabbath - I need a day a week devoted to rest, to reflection and to unadulterated time without expectations. So many times I place a load of weight on myself to accomplish so many tasks, but I am more mindful now that my life is not my own, and I need to make time to know my Creator and to know more fully the ones with whom He's given me time and relationships.

3. Workflow - This goes hand in hand with solidifying a sabbath. If I want to go into a restful time without stressing over the undone, I need to improve my workflow to be both more efficient and meaningful.

Well, that's a wrap! Be on the lookout for next Tuesday, where I'll share the process of how we accomplished our rental church bathroom redo on a budget. Have a great weekend!