Sometimes I sing a little.

Happy Thursday friends!

I want to start designating my Thursday blogs to posts about life and personal things. This will look like my #3thingsthursday posts, Living with the 'Rents, and more. It's a consuming thing to hustle in the instagram life, to stage every piece we can for the viewer's eyes to be appealed. And don't get me wrong, I love running The Cozy Keep page as both an aesthetic and an inspiration. After all, I'm covering parts of design, right? But behind every crafter or designer or homemaker or celebrity or photographer or author Instagram account is a living, breathing human body that is complex and mesmerizing. We are not only an Instagram account; we are people with fluid dreams and goals, people with idiosyncrasies, people with families, people with struggles and triumph, people who are quirky, and a multitude of things more.

Today, I'll share with you my enjoyment of music. I like to sing and play guitar as a hobby, and while I've improved over the years, I could always use some specified training. But no matter, it's almost Friday and a delightful song called "Stand By Me" is a good kick-off to the weekend. Don't expect a grammy here - I performed this using the Photobooth app on the iMac, so you'll barely hear the guitar and the quality is underwhelming. But the heart is happy and real in this one, and I simply want you to see a small glimpse of the voice behind The Cozy Keep - ya know, the human that indeed exists. Have a great weekend!