Sunday Quick Craft: Embroidery Hoop and Fabric Wall Hanging

Hey there friends! I completed this project in a jiffy, let me tell ya! And so far, I like it and I love it. It's simple, it's easy, it's personal, it's interesting, and it's just what I needed to finally show off the floral fabric that I've had for years. 

Here's the instagram post I shared earlier today. I decided to blog the process as well for those who need a little more detail. Enjoy!

My description in instagram is pretty quick and to-the-point, so in case you need a few further details, keep reading.


- embroidery hoop (the average hoop costs about $1 - $2 at your local craft store; I usually find a good selection at Hobby Lobby near the fabric section.)

- fabric of your choice - If you're purchasing fabric, adjust the amount of your purchase to the size of your hoop. Most likely you will need half a yard or less. If your hoop is bigger. check the diameter and adjust your fabric accordingly.)

- leather strapping, string, twine, etc to go across the fabric - I strung this golden yellow leather across that I purchased from Hobby Lobby for a previous project. The same type of leather is used to hang the whole hoop, and I like the contrast that the walnut brown brings.


1. Loosen the screw of the hoop and remove the larger, outside hoop. Set it aside.

2. Place your fabric over the inside hoop. There should be excess draping off the sides for you to cut off later. Don't remove it yet! You need the excess to help you pull and tighten the fabric into place.

3. Lay the outside hoop over the fabric, but keep it loose. Begin to weave your leather or string to the design you prefer, preferably looping around the outside once or twice. This allows the leather to be secured to the hoop and to allow you to tighten its hold so it can hold photos and cards.

4. Add another leather string to the top to use as the hanging agent if desired.

5. When all the fabric and leather is placed as desired, tighten the screw of the hoop until you feel enough resistance. Tug at the back of your frame to make sure all fabric and leather pieces are tightened and without wrinkles.

6. Cut off any excess fabric or string from the back. If you're picky about making sure the fabric stays in place, use hot glue to attach the excess fabric to the back side of the hoop.

6. Hang up your hoop on the wall in a good home, add some personal photos or printables, and enjoy your new wall art. Woohoo!