Tuesday Tips: Last Minute Secrets

Listen, let's get real. Here lately life has moved fast and hard and I can't quite keep up. I don't really know where all my laundry is, I haven't bought groceries - like, healthy stuff - in an embarrassing amount of days, and I cannot take another day of losing my chapstick. To quote the ever philosophical Napoleon Dynamite movie, "My lips hurt real bad."

It is oh so easy to succumb to the frazzled nature when life picks up speed like this (or when you're possibly slowing down speed). And it always helps to have some tricks up your sleeve to present yourself and your home in a way that is a little more put together than what you probably are. I'm not saying that I don't value authenticity and imperfection. I am saying that, hey, we just need a little help every now and then. Check out some of these last minute secrets below.

1. Downy Wrinkle Spray- Found somewhere in the laundry and smell-good cleaning section of the grocery store, Downy has placed a life-saving device for all of you who value sleeping in too late like I do. When you use this spray with a little tug action, not only do you unwrinkle clothes without ironing, but you also refresh the fabric to head out the door smelling delightful. They also come in travel sizes! Yes!



2. Dryer Sheets - Similar to Downy Wrinkle Spray, dryer sheets refresh fabric. Good news? You don't even have to put clothes in the dryer. You can purchase scented sheets and rub them on clothes and fabrics that have a unique smell (that's the nice way of putting it), and the smell will soon be erased and transformed into a pleasant scent. This is often a technique used for selvage denim and other fabrics that don't go nicely with being washed. 

3. $3.33 candles at Walmart - You think I'm weird, but let me explain. Ever have those moments when you're expecting, or not expecting, guests and your living space smells like funk? Maybe it's the dog. Maybe it's the burnt pasta. Maybe it's other unmentionables. Walmart sells some inexpensive candles that I swear by to this day. Usually I go for the vanilla or a maple-like scent. The candles won't last forever, but they produce a strong, welcoming scent that will soon mask the other awkward smells going on in the house. Don't believe me? They're 3 bucks. That's a low-risk experiment right there, folks.


4. Lysol or Clorox Cleaning Wipes - Having been raised by my Mom, I know what a good, sturdy, bleach-ridden cleaning feels like. I know the scrubbing, the inhaling, the nitpicking of stains, and the tenacity it takes to cleannnnnn. Like, not just pick up, but cleeeeeaannn. But sometimes I don't have the time, and I still want to get the toothpaste off the sink or the dirt off the countertops. A few times a week, in less than a minute, I use cleaning wipes to clean off surfaces and get them as germ-free as possible until the next cleaning day. If you have guests coming over and are short on time, I recommend a good swipe before they come in. Nobody wants to see your hair when they're washing their hands. Gross.

5. Dump bucket - The dump bucket is a tried and true staple for me. Maybe it's the fact that I just want a clean floor before I go to bed, and I don't want to have to sift through mail, random objects and coins. Maybe it's because I have friends coming over and they're not picky about my house being spotless, but I still don't want to make them hop piles of clothes to get to the bathroom. Or maybe it's life and I just need to throw my junk somewhere until my brain functions again. Keeping a dump bucket in a consistent spot will allow you to take care of those items at last minute while reminding you that it needs tending to later in the day or week. 


There's your 5 tips for your sacred 5 minutes of sanity in the morning. Hope these help!

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