10 More Things About Me

This is a continuation from the first post a few weeks ago where I shared facts about me and my life. The instagram hashtag #20thingsaboutme was floating around for a while, so I took part via blog. Here's the final 10, so read away folks! 

This photo is from about a month ago after I just received a miter saw for a gift. I was legit excited. 

This photo is from about a month ago after I just received a miter saw for a gift. I was legit excited. 

1. My favorite movie is A Leage of Their Own. I love that it's based off true events of women in sports, and I love that it affirms women's capacity to spark momentum in a distressed nation.

2. I have (somewhat) picked up a minimalist habit lately. In my closet, I decided to purge all clothes that I don't really love wearing. My shoes can all fit in one small basket. Laundry has been a systematically better process, and my space is now free of items that give me negative thoughts.

3. I want to record an album of my own personal songs one day. It doesn't have to be purchased by anyone. It can be a keepsake and that would be perfectly okay.

4. I'm not opposed to going to a nail salon every now and then, but if I do go, it's because someone asked me to tag along. I mess with and make and destroy too many things to manicure the inevitable flawed fingertips.

5. Salad is sometimes acceptable, but it's really kind of pointless to me.

6. I've grown up in the Dallas area, and then moved away for a few years. Now as an adult, I enjoy the Dallas area more and appreciate what the city has to offer.

7. I have a freckle in my left eye. So yeah.

8. I would like to write a book one day. I'm still deciding what the topic will be, because I think the best book will come from deep within and shouldn't be forced (for me. I know other great authors don't have to follow this.)

9. One of my favorite lyrics of all time is "But the truth of it is, we are still just kids. But we'll tear the world wide open." They're written by a band called The Wedding.

10. Throughout my job experiences over the past decade, I've realized that for my personal fulfillment, the best type of work is: challenging, purposeful to an audience/recipient outside myself, and an environment that fosters learning.

Now, onto some projects this weekend. Let's go! 

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