5 Alternative Birthday Gift Cards

Today is my husband's birthday! (Ahem, Happy Birthday Michel.) And while I've been keeping my DIY posts for Tuesdays, I figured a particular family birthday calls for a DIY post on Thursday. Who says I can't?

For this special occasion, I want to share some ideas with you for alternative birthday cards. Before you go crazy, I'm not talking about some wild, "adult" birthday cards. Actually, they're not really cards at all. They're more like birthday memorabilia. And you can go as hard-core crafty as you want or as simple as you want. Let the designs begin!

1. Baseball plate/base card - Since my husband played baseball in high school and is a baseball fan, I made a baseball plate/base card for him one year. We cut a thin piece of plywood to look like home plate, sanded it down and painted it, and then painted his baseball team's logo in the middle. During the birthday party, everybody signed their name in sharpie.

2. Poster Cards - If the recipient really loves a certain movie or music album, get a poster made and customize the text to give a shout out to the birthday person. Have friends and family sign it.

3. Hobby Cards - If the person loves a sport or a hobby, purchase an object from that sport or hobby for people to sign. For example, basketballs, footballs, bike tires (probably spray painted to see signatures), playing cards, etc - anything can be signed! If someone loves to cook/bake, purchase a wooden rolling pin and have friends and family sign the rolling pin.

4. T-shirt Card - This is one of my favorite memories. When I was in college, I lived in Nicaragua for 10 weeks. The trip doubled for me as a mission/service trip and a study abroad trip to improve my Spanish. Naturally, when the time came for me to leave, I had grown so close with my Nicaraguan friends and family that I had formed some special memories. The last week in the country, my closest group of friends threw a party for me and asked me to bring a white t-shirt. They all signed the t-shirt and I was able to keep it as a giant goodbye and memory.

5. Quilt Squares - Okay, this project is kind of a biggie, so I would suggest this "birthday card" for the big birthdays that you're really going to plan out, such as a 16, a 50, etc. For our wedding, Michel and I decided to have guests sign pre-cut quilt squares instead of a guest book. We picked out different shades of white, and the quilt is being pieced together as a memory quilt of the wedding. How fun is that! If you are a quilter or wouldn't mind paying someone to create a quilt for you, this would be a unique piece to keep for decades, possibly even generations. It takes some planning up front on how the quilt needs to be pieced together, so keep that in mind.

Well, there you have it! Happy Birthday to anyone else out there who is celebrating this week, and happy crafting to anyone who thinks they'll have a go at one of these cards!

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