Comida & Conversation: User Guide

Conversation is hard sometimes, y'all. In the frenzy of jobs, families, errands, hobbies and more, our brains are often found competing for thoughts, room to breathe, and a sense of temporary peace from all the noise. And in the midst of all the frenzy, we can also find ourselves competing to spend time with family and friends, to take a pass on personal devices for the time being, and to sit in the moment and enjoy the companionship God has given us.

My design behind Comida & Conversation: Table Talk Chips stemmed from a few things. First, if there's anything that my husband and I have improved on in our first 4 years of marriage, it's conversation. When we inquire of each other personally, we continue to learn about one another. In these moments we grow together and tap into one another's hopes and dreams. We become a better team and a more supportive unit. And yes, sometimes we have to force those conversations. Sometimes I Google "Questions to ask your spouse" because my brain is tired and my thought processes are at an all-time low, but my heart desires to be a better spouse and friend.

Secondly, one of my favorite things to do as of late is the lunch/dinner dates with our college friends. Many of us live in the DFW metroplex, so we're just close enough to see each other when we can but also just far enough apart to only make these dates once a month or less. But here's the beauty: when we have these dates, none of us has issues with device usage or conversation shortages. We are all eager to connect with each other again, to catch up on how everybody's growing or changing, and to recall all the quirky things we did in college. The conversations are fuel for the rest of my week.

My hope for Comida & Conversation (comida means "food" in Spanish, in case you weren't aware) is that you are equipped to have good, thorough conversations with family, with friends, and with anyone you want to grow deeper in relationship with. My hope is that you are never short of a good and timely word when the moment is ripe, and that the joy and fuel that these conversations have created in my life can be shared in yours as well.

Listed below are a few ways to use the table talk chips, and I hope that you find the upmost joy in them!

1. Random Drawing - Everyone around the table draws a chip for conversation. You answer the question posed so the group can learn more about you. People can add to or inquire further about your response, but it's not necessary. When the topic is complete, the next person draws and responds to their chip. This is a great option for family or friends who meet once a week.

2. Table Talk Leader - One person from the group draws a chip for each person and facilitates the conversation. The conversation goes until the chips run out. This is a great option for people who see each other occasionally but still want to maintain deeper connections.

3. Car Rides - The jar is taken on a road trip or a longer car ride and is used in place of listening to music, podcasts, etc. You won't even notice the time! The conversation continues until the ride is over or the chips run out.

4. Framing the Meal - One chip is drawn at the beginning of a meal, and no one can eat until everyone around the table has answered the question or responded to the statement. The same occurs at the end of the meal. One chip is drawn when everyone finishes eating, and no one can exit the table until everyone around the table has answered the question or responded to the statement.

I would love to hear how these conversations are going in your home! Comment below with your thoughts and how you're using Comida & Conversation, and let me know how your family and friends are growing!

- Alli, founder of The Cozy Keep

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