The Handmade Summer Shopping Guide - 2017

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Hey there Cozy Keep family!

If where you live is any reflection of the current Texas summer, it is HOT people. The sun’s a blazin’, the sweat’s a streamin’, and the popsicles are a meltin’! (Please, declare all those statements out loud in a tangy Texas accent. You deserve the fun.)

But in the middle of all the heat waves, do you know what summer also brings? Shopping. Maybe it’s the vitamin D of the bright sun, or the somewhat calmer day-to-day schedules, but people are looking for good deals and unique finds just as much as handmade enthusiasts are out there MAKING good deals and unique pieces.

Now more than ever is a great time to begin seeking out new fun, fresh, awesome makers. Not only will you be able to equip yourself with the best custom products, but you can also begin building a community of artisans and crafters to return to during the holiday season to give the best gifts. (It’s never too early to be proactive about Christmas!)

Below I’ve compiled a list of 5 handmade/artisan/custom vendors that you will want to check out for yourself. Give ‘em a follow, a like, a website visit - but most importantly, SAVE their info and SHOP their stuff to make your life that much better! Stay tuned after the artist suggestions, as you will also find: an article to guide you at First Monday Canton (for all the Dallas area folks!) and special news about future blog series! Now on to the handmade shopping guide!



"Yesterday's Letterboard for Today's Home"

website HERE

insta HERE

why I love Letterfolk: It's a husband and wife tag-team effort with a knack for bringing about an "aging" concept (as they say in their own words) to a clean, modern, design-savvy and home-friendly piece of inspiration. They make everything in the good old USA and appear to have a solid, fun work-ethic. Their Instagram feed alone is reason to follow, as it is both visually appealing and simultaneously inspiring. 

possible uses: wall-hanging in home that can be changed seasonally; office decor with a statement that keeps visitors coming back; photo shoots; gifts for grads and new homeowners




website HERE

insta HERE

why I love Sugarhouse Supply Co.: Sugarhouse supports a community of makers, so any purchase will guarantee either a carefully curated product from an inspiring artisan or a handcrafted piece by the owners themselves. The styles reflect clean and classic looks that make a home feel warm and inviting. The shop also offers a variety of handmades, so you can shop for many items in one place, knowing full well that you will purchase the best quality products.

my favorite pieces: I am personally drawn to the Turkish towels in the Adventure section, the furniture in the Homewares section, and the print shop.

>> GOLD & IVY <<



"Natural Soy Candles and Hand lettered Home Goods"

website HERE

insta HERE

why I love Gold & Ivy: The candles are hand-poured, the artist sells at maker fairs, the jars are simple and calming, and who doesn't love a good candle?! There are a variety of options for all-year scents, but I think Gold & Ivy really brings it home with the fall and winter candles.

I would purchase Gold & Ivy for: seasonal gifts around the holidays; best friend gifts as a "just because"; a "treat yo self" gift (any Parks 'N' Rec fans out there?!)


website HERE

insta HERE

why I love Thick as Thieves: These guys are young, have awesome stuff to sell that you won't find in the average department store, and interestingly enough operate the same style website as The Cozy Keep! I love their taste, and their products are great for both men and women. Also, their insta feed just started on April 13 and the vibe is already awesome. Another bonus: Is there a cooler name than Thick As Thieves?!

I would purchase: a match bottle for a groomsmen gift; a salt jar for a housewarming gift (which can be reused again because the packaging is perfect!); and a set of white marble and acacia square coasters for my urban friends (or myself - let's be real). 


website HERE

insta HERE

why I love Gracefully Wrapped: This is definitely a more female-oriented selection, so if you're a guy, you can skip this one or take note for a female loved one. These jewelry pieces are handcrafted with a faith-based design, and many wrap small greenery and florals inside the jewelry pieces. They are unique, classy, and are appealing to a wide range of ages. The instagram feed alone is a peaceful sight to behold.

if I bought a piece today, it would be: the ROOTED fern ring in gold plated jewelry. I'm not a big ring wearer, so the fact that my go-to option is a ring speaks volumes about the beauty and the feel of these pieces. 

Are those artisans not tempting to follow? I value each individual's taste and brand in their Insta feeds, shop sites, and overall tone. They're classy, and I like classy in my home.

Before you go, check out this article posted in DMagazine for May-June 2017.  It's "A First-Timer's Guide to Canton's First Monday Trade Days". I agree with the writer's take on where and how to shop, and it's a perfect quick read for anybody looking to buy handmade. unique goods in the Dallas area. If you're not in Dallas, save the article for a future trip to the DFW and place First Monday Canton on your to-do list! The marketplace is all the goodness that comes with an overwhelming shopping experience.

I hope this guide has equipped you to be a better shopper and/or gift-giver for the 2017 season! I'll stay along this vein in the coming weeks with more posts for #thehandmadeguide2017 as I dive into follow-worthy handmades for small businesses, families, and artistic inspiration. Stay tuned! I'm excited to bring you the good stuff in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, stay COOL folks. Drink that water, turn on that fan full blast, and STAY COZY!

- Alli