Other than TCK, who is Alli?

Well hello there!

My name is Alli, and I'm the creator of The Cozy Keep.

I like to make stuff. I like to make my home feel like home, where I can sink my feet in to well-worn furniture but still be proud of the space and the design. I like to make bleh into YEAH! I like to make decor that speaks about me and mine. I like to take someone's throwaway and transform it into a perpetual gift. I like gettin' crafty. I like digging into a bargain hunt. I like saving the right money and spending the right money to make my home a cozy keep. 

If you're here and you're:

- looking for an interesting DIY project

- seeking out a new way of shaping up your home

- interested in how to make a rental a place to call home

- quirky!

- just a plain good ol' fashioned friend!

then welcome! You're most definitely in the right place. Take your shoes off! Stay a while!

-Alli, TCK