what's the size of a messageboard?

Each messageboard is 16" x 24", so that means The Hymnal will hang/stand 2 ft. tall and The Ballpark will hang/stand 16" tall.

can i use my own printables on the messageboard?

Of course! The height of your paper should be set to 3.5". Throughout the year, The Cozy Keep blog - Tell Your Story - will share various posts about printing your own custom quotes for your messageboard. Also, newsletter subscribers will have access to free custom designed printables throughout the year. If you're really loving your own designs on your messageboards, send a pic to The Cozy Keep! I'd love to share on TCK social platforms for inspiratioN!



what letters are included with my messageboard?

Each letterset includes the following:

E - 4, A - 4, O - 3, I - 3, N - 3, S - 3. H - 3. R - 3. D - 3. 2 of every other letter

Also, 1 of each of the following: apostrophe, dash(hyphen), ampersand, period, comma, exclamation point, and a question mark

do you ship overseas?

Currently, no. While I would love to send the cozy embrace around the world, I currently cannot ship outside the US. 

are messageboards sold in stores?

The Cozy Keep currently participates in a variety of marketplaces throughout the year in the Dallas area and, at times, in other parts throughout Texas. I am currently working on my 2018 goals to expand my variety of marketplaces, and the best way to shop local is to follow The Cozy Keep on Instagram or join the newsletter to stay up to date. Not only is shopping local fun and friendly, it also saves you on shipping costs!