cozy up, amigo.

My name is Alli, and I'm the creator of The Cozy Keep.

I like to make stuff. I like to make my home feel like home, where I can sink my feet in to well-worn furniture but still be proud of the space and the design. I like to make bleh into YEAH! I like to make decor that speaks about me and mine. I like to take someone's throwaway and transform it into a perpetual gift. I like gettin' crafty. I like digging into a bargain hunt. I like saving the right money and spending the right money to make my home a cozy keep. 

If you're here and you're:looking for an interesting DIY project; seeking out a new way of shaping up your home; interested in how to make a rental a place to call home; quirky; or you're just a plain good ol' fashioned friend, then welcome! You're most definitely in the right place. Take your shoes off! Stay a while!

-Alli, TCK


I see the home as the final refuge from the day, the strongest part of your defenses, where you can retreat in rest and yet still find strength, where you lean on family, where your mind is renewed, where you form strong and thorough memories that guide your personal trajectory in life. And if this is what home is, I'm running fast and hard to it in order to rest and renew, not in a prim and proper posture, but in one that's cozy and enveloping in the warmest ways. I'm so glad you're here, and I hope with all earnest desire that you always feel that warmth here at TCK. 

- Alli