Mood Board: Your Personal Voice in the Home

As much as I like Pinterest, I like even more the texture of holding a good ol' fashioned notebook paired with sitting down for a spell to weave together some favorite designs, patterns, colors, etc. Here lately I've been wanting to capture elements and ideas that tug at my attention and my joy, and then piece those things together as place holders for future home designs. I had a little extra time the last few days to relax, so I finally created the first draft of my future home mood board.  As my husband and I prepare to pay off our debt this year and begin the process of becoming home-owners, I want to know that the home we will eventually take root in speaks of our personalities and is reflective of the life we aim to live.


If you're like me, you envision your dream home long before you dwell in it. And if you're like me, you want to start making arrangements for the house so as to not be caught off guard when it comes to design and making the house your home. This mood board (the first draft) captures the "off the top of my head" ideas so far. I hope to develop the board further as time goes on. So here's the mini project! I encourage you to make your own board!

1. Gather supplies

- notebook or other backdrop to create board

- scissors

- tape or glue

- decorative fabric tape if desired

- pictures, patterns, designs, quotes, etc to make the design elements


2. Stage out the board

Place your design elements on the board and decide how you want to set up the display before you ever secure them in place. If there's too much, decide on what can be given to the next draft (or in my case, a mood box!). Leave room to label the pieces.


3. Secure the design elements. 

Think aesthetics. All looks on this one. You want to be able to open up your notebook and gush, or hang your board out on display to show off. Not only is this board functional for your dreaming, but it's inspirational for your daily swooning. :)


4. Label the elements

I numbered the pieces with small numbers, and on the tag piece I wrote a short description of why I placed those pieces in the mood board. The descriptions varied from color schemes to an indoor garage door to texture. It's your board, your moods.


5. Enjoy! 

Look at the story, dream for your home, then keep at the ready when a development of your mood strikes again!